Video Editing Services

We specialize in editing wedding videos, but at the same time, our experience includes working with almost any type of videos, such as corporate, event, product videos, YouTube, travel or home/family videos and much more. We are very flexible in the subject of video editing. Just set a task for us and we will complete it!

We provide services to professional videographers and filmmakers, agencies and studios, as well as ordinary users who don’t have any experience, but want to get high-quality editing.

Video editing components

Color Correction

Color is fundamental in visual storytelling. With it, we convey the mood and emotions of the frame. To achieve the perfect picture, we use various color correction tools and techniques.

Sound design

Sound design is crucial in perceiving the atmosphere of a video and can play a key role in determining how the story develops. We use professional sound editing tools such as Adobe Audition and Cubase.

Video effects

Using video effects allows us to add a unique flavor to your videos. Simple video transitions or complex artistic techniques, we like to experiment and create something unusual.

Story line

If you don’t have your own wishes for the video script, we will create it for you. Our experts will come up with interesting and original ideas on any subject and turn them into reality.

Video repair

If your footages are initially not very good quality, we will do our best to improve or completely fix it. For example, stabilize frames, align the horizon, correct lens distortion, get rid of blurriness and graininess, etc.

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